Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you

Thank you for the purchase.
Please allow some time for your payment to be processed. Once PayPal sends out a payment confirmation I will email the product to your PayPal account. Usually this gets done quickly but sometimes it takes awhile. If you don't receive the product email within 24 hours please send me a note with your payment, as it does happen that Paypal doesn't send out the notification.
I spent a lot of time developing all my products and tried to be as clear and precise, but if you find something that is not written out clearly, please feel free to write back with questions, suggestions and comments. Your opinion really matters to me and I try to be quick in replying to each email I get, so don't hesitate to write.
Please take the time to review the Products page for any other items you may find interesting. As you're a returning customer and want to buy more than one product, feel free to write me and we can set a special price for you.

Disclaimer and Legal Issues
As a purchase of a digital product, please understand that there is no return policy. Once purchased, products as ebooks, test simulators, coupons etc. cannot be returned. The only way to cancel an order is to do so BEFORE I email the products to you. Once mailed, I cannot refund. Please also respect my time and expertise and don't resell or distribute the materials you purchased in any form.
Please note that these materials are guidelines for repair and by no means do they waive your responsibility in how you use them. Although I invested a lot of time in trying to make the products as good as possible, have in mind that as any other DIY manual, the success depends solely on you. Please understand that as an author of them, I do not take any responsibility over the outcomes on your data or PC equipment. 
The products are sold as-is, without any warranty of success.

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