Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chinese will be the language of IT so we better catch up

OK, it's now official, we all need to learn Chinese. 
Time is coming when all IT technicians will need to communicate with a chinese IT vendor for some datasheets or other documentation. Since 80% of the world's computers are manufactured in China, it is only logical that the rest of the world catches up and starts using Chinese. 
Here's a qick guide from one of this blog's readers. 
Enjoy your first lesson in Chinese, and feel free to pass on this link to your friends. They will also need to know a word or two in Chinese. 

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Anonymous said...

I have a question about an HP zx5000 laptop that wont boot up after fixing the power connector jack. How can I reach you?

Igor Mateski said...

@ the zx5000 user
I've started a dedicated blog for HP, http://hplaptoprepair.blogspot.com. Please take a look at the posts there ad see if you recognize any symptoms. If none of the symptoms describe your situation please add a comment there describing what happened with your laptop, and we'll take it from there.