Friday, January 08, 2010

Free cell phone calls from home?

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In the past several years we witness a smooth mix of communications and computing. We've seen the explosion of VOIP, Skype phone, 3G, and last in line are the devices that you can hook up to the PC and use them as home phones, such as MagicJack, which makes phone calls free in USA and Canada.
After all the stepping over between mobile phones into the segment of PCs (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android based phones), now PCs are stepping into the mobile communications, again, by MagicJack. The company launched a product that is as small as a stack of playing cards, plugs in via USB to a broadband equipped PC, and all your cell phone calls are FREE as long as you're within the 3000 sq. feet around your house.
Unlike the expensive similar products that use the ADSL line to make cell phone calls in order to alleviate the mobile network, MagicJack's new product is estimated to cost about $40. The heads up on this is that mobile frequencies cost fortunes, which AT&T and T-Mobile USA have paid, and they won't give up without a fight, as the MagicJack USB to Cell uses these same frequencies. Dan Borislow, the CEO of YMax says their new product is not illegal "because wireless spectrum licenses don't extend into the home."
In the meantime, we can prep for the launch of this new gadget sometime in March and save some extra bucks while making mobile calls from home. Who knows, maybe we'll stay at home more often and improve the family lifestyle... or we can cave up in our own rooms, and use the free cell calls to talk to our family. When it's free, why not take advantage, right?

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