Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cannot open volume for Direct Access

If you hate reading, this is the recipe:

Start-My Computer-left click-Manage-Services-Universal Plug and Play-double click-Automatic.

Now if you want to read:
You start up your computer and you get a blue screen with this message "Cannot open volume for direct access."
You try to run a disk defragmentation utility and it gets stuck
You try to run a disk fix utility and that too gets stuck...
You do a web search and find that you are not the only one... and hopes rise... until you try the offered solutions and no result. Then you get angry at PCTools, Norton, BitDefender and other folks who try to make life more secure.
Here is how I got the problem and how I fixed it. It is VERY VERY SIMPLE. At least for me.

I did a fresh install of XPSP2, updated all the patches, installed BitDefender Internet Security 10, System Mechanic Portable, Office... and it all worked well. Then I installed TuneUp Utilities 2007, ran the "1-Click Maintenance" just for the fun of it, and tried to run VoptXP defratmenter. It got stuck.
I reset.
I got the evil message "Cannot open volume for disk access"
Did a web search at MS, Sysinternals, and several other, without any success to fix my problem.
Then I remembered that 1-Click Maintenance sugested to disable the Universal PnP service, calling it a threat to security. I complied. And I got the problem. So I just went to the Services tab, set Universal Plug and Play service on Automatic, disabled TuneUp Theme and reset. And that was it, problem solved. Hope this helps. If not... think what you did that got you into trouble, and undo the change. It is similar to repentance :)

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Laci and Keri Németh said...

heeeeeeeey finally Doctor MAteski writes... I was sooooooooo missing it
Lazo von reader

Laci and Keri Németh said...

software repentance or cyber repentance?
Do I need a mediator a computer priest geek or no?
You have left open questions for me...
Lazo von doubt

Ali bi rado otiaso na Pivce sa tobom, ali sad je Osijek daleko...

Igor Mateski said...

Well, to what Laci asked, contrary to what we have in Christian theology, the "cyber repentance" or undoing of the messups we mortals do to our ever-so-failing digital pets, does not require any supernatural powers. Just do a "soul searching" and remember what you did that caused this problem, and then try to find ways to undo should work... and if it does not, then call your geeky friend, he'll do it for you (hopefully).
Moze tamno Lasko i nesto slano... "za meze" ko sto kazu u MKD. Aj na zdravje!