Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fixing a non-responsive HP nx6110/6xxx series laptop

The HP nx6110 is a great laptop but this product has one major fault: after a while, it starts to freeze up randomly. This problem has to do with the FSB chip which controls the mouse, keyboard and storage devices on the HP nx6110. To put it more simply, it is the part of the chipset controlling your peripherals, and with this defect, the HP nx6110 freezes up randomly and in some extreme cases cannot move beyond the bios HP logo.

Here are some of the usual symptoms:
  • HP nx6110 is stuck on the HP logo
  • HP nx6110 does not boot
  • Mouse pointer freezes up randomly on HP nx6110
  • Keyboard does not work on a HP nx6110 laptop
  • DVD does not work or is slow
  • HP nx6110 freezes up when moved
Here's what causes this problem:
Due to a mounting restrains caused by the hazardous materials policy, this chip suffers
from what is called “a chip creep” effect. As the name suggests, the chip “takes a walk” and some of its hundreds of ball-shaped pins looses contact with the motherboard. This causes the PC to freeze-up randomly, or when moved around.

Here's how you can fix your non responsive HP nx6110 laptop
Forget about taking your laptop to repair centers. They'll convince you that you must buy a new motherboard which will cost you over $250 with the installation fee.
The simple trick is forcing the FSB chip to reestablish connection between the GPA (grid point array of the FSB chip) and the motherboard.
Even though this repair process sounds simple, it's not. Imagine you have a small 1x1inch box with over 400 pins, and each needs to touch the motherboard. If you push too hard on one end, you'll cause the pins on the opposite side to lose contact. If you press to hard on the entire chip, you can cause the pins to break. Some people while trying to minimize costs of repair, have tried to figure things out only to get the motherboard to being unrepairable. My experience and suggestion is to always play it safe if there is such a way. Here, you can get the HP nx 6110 laptop repair tutorial and if you follow the instructions it will greatly improve your chances of repairing your laptop. Please don't attempt to improvise as you may cause more harm than good. Just get the tutorial and use the chance you have to save your laptop. Too many attempts can only make your laptop irreparable.

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